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Finding Truth In Our Lives Can Be A Challenge; Steve Benjamins Helps Us Get A Little Closer

Updated: May 30, 2022

With misinformation, disinformation and fake news prevalent on all media outlets, it can feel nearly impossible to find any truth that we can rely on, much less information that can be helpful to living a life worth living. We already have so many false beliefs in ourselves, like "I'm not enough", "I don't deserve happiness", "the universe is out to get me" and "it's too late to start now" that day-to-day life can become overwhelming trying to find a source of truth and hope to keep your head above water and truly have excitement for life. The truth is a very precious source of life. Much like water is to nature.

Enter 'Reservoir' by Canadian singer-songwriter Steve Benjamins. Exactly as the title implies, the song is a reservoir of comfort and hope to quench feelings of doubt and insecurity. If we're honest with ourselves, there are many false beliefs we've held onto for years that are doing us no good, and though the truth can be hard to find, it might be harder to believe and truly let it into our hearts once we find it. But one can start here with this treasure from Steve Benjamins. Grab a cup of this melodic truth and fill yourself up here on our 'Call It A Day' playlist.

Take the time to listen in a quiet place or wherever you'll be able to hear the lyrics so they can sink in. We promise you won't be let down, you'll be filled up.

I've been standing here stuck on repeat droning like a melody gone on too long

Dry as a leaf curling browning off the tree just trying to find my way back home

Oh great reservoir I search for where you are Oh how lost we are Fill us up some day

The power we accrue never honest in it's use some get mercy, others get blame

Human excavators open mouth bloviators try to redirect river flows

But I’ve seen how water moves It finds it way to you So oh great reservoir Fill us up some day

All the worlds talking silver tongue imposters got me turning off, away from the screen Maybe I could move I could bend and not break and I could find my way back to you

Oh great reservoir We come to where you are Need to fill our cup Fill us up some day

Oh how lost we are Here among the stars I see how water moves How it finds it way to you Oh how great thou art Hidden reservoir Show us where you are Fill us up some day

To learn more about Steve Benjamins and to read a little more about what he says about the song you can read it here.

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