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Song Consultation

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Hello Dear Songwriters!


I'm David Blair, a long-standing singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada and playlist curator for Renegade Soul’s playlists ‘Call It A Day’, ‘Funky Feel Good Pop’ and ‘New Retro & Classic 80’s Synth’. I'm here to help you get your music on more playlists by giving you constructive, useful feedback that playlisters don't and mostly can't give.


After 25 years of songwriting, releasing 5 albums of music, and winning many awards for songwriting I’ve boiled down the challenges of any songwriter/performer into figuring out only two questions to ask oneself; What are you saying, and to whom are you saying it. 

The ‘how’ (you express the ‘what and to whom’) will be original and authentic when you are focused on these two points in your song and you make the songwriting process slave to these points. See my reaction video and breakdown of ‘Leave The Door Open’ by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Pak for a 10/10 example of this.

In order to break down your song and help us find where it loses its power to impact the listener I’ve divided my song consultation down to six points where I will give feedback and ask you the two questions above! Simply pick and choose what you think you need help with and if you're not sure click all the above! I’m looking forward to hearing your song and helping you get the best version of it out to the world!

"I greatly appreciate your honest feedback and constructive criticism as it was very insightful. I would definitely rate it a 9 or 10 out of 10, as multiple aspects of my writing were brought to my attention which I never even considered or thought about before. Your unique and detailed perspective really has helped me to look at my songwriting in a different way and I again thank you for your time and feedback." Evan Sternbach (see full song consultation)

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