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4 Ways You Can Discover New Music Without Needing More Time

Updated: May 30, 2022

Creating space to listen to music can be the biggest challenge in letting new music into your life.

It's no secret music has a profound impact on the quality of your life; from processing dark and negative emotions to reflecting a great mood, to helping you relax, to building confidence, to lifting your mood and improving your focus. One of the biggest challenges in enjoying music though, is actually finding the uninterrupted time to really listen and discover new songs, undisturbed, to let them do their job on your heart. The day is jam-packed with to-do lists, work and general life interruptions, and there’s rarely a moment to relax, unwind and really take in a special song, much less find a new song or artist in the first place!

Discovering and listening to songs we never knew we needed can be a godsend if we can find the time, so here are 4 places and ways you can transform your life by adding music without it taking anymore time than you already have!

Place 1: Our Daily Commute

Whether you drive to work or take public transit, you most likely spend at least 30 - 60 minutes a day simply in travel. Instead of distracting yourself with your phone from feelings you might not even be aware that you have, you can use your phone you can allow yourself to feel. This time can now be transformed into a part of the day we look forward to if we have a playlist where we know we can let go and feel; if you're driving and alone - even sing along and let your emotions flow. If you're on public transit, you can close your eyes and listen intentfully with your headphones and really get all the nuances of the recording and performance. This is a great opportunity to turn our minds off and turn our hearts on.

Place 2: Running, Walking, Recovery Exercise

Gifting yourself daily with the benefits of long-term physical and mental health by giving your body exercise is already something special in and of itself, but adding music can be a game-changer as you most likely already know! If you walk or just jog lightly everyday, then 'Call It A Day' or even an even more spiritual focused 'Good Strong Boat' is a no-brainer fit, but if you train for marathons or fun runs, it can fit very nicely for mind and body on recovery runs.

Place 3: Shower

I know that for some of you, you might only have a 5 minute shower and you’re in and out, but if you're the type to take a few minutes to just chill under a warm stream of water for a little bit and reflect on the day either in the morning or at night, this can be a nice time to have a little bluetooth speaker nearby that you can enjoy 2 or 3 songs with - or maybe just 1 song repeated 3 times - if you’re totally feeling a song and can't get enough. According to Trend Hunter, technology now days offers 22 different ways you can listen to music in the shower or underwater! Maybe it's time to have a longer shower!

Place 4: House Chores/Cleaning

Yes, chores can be fun and calming! Chores can be a great way of turning your mind off and just moving your life forward simply by do

ing what needs to get done without thinking. If you're one to put off chores because they are 'annoying', this could actually be the break you need from 'thinking' and being 'busy'! If you enjoy chores as a way to organize and calm your mind, it can also be a perfect time to put on some acoustic music with headphones and just sweep, sort, clean, wipe, wash et cetera. A bonus is having headphones as mentioned in the daily commute, as the songs can really take you over as they dominate everything you're hearing.

Music is truly an auditory force that can capture feelings and emotions and transcend time and space to meet your heart in a way that can change your life if you let it. Enjoy!

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