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Label Services

Get your own website!

As a new artist with a growing fanbase, you want to delight your fans and business partners with your professional online appearance and give them a place where they can find all crucial information about you and your music in one spot. 

We build a tailored website for you, where your fans can learn more about you, find all your social profiles, listen and download your music, subscribe to your newsletter, find your tour dates, book tickets online, read your blog, support you as a patron or buy your merchandise in your own shop. Your business partners such as record labels, booking agencies or venues can easily find your press releases, pictures, videos as well as your management and booking contact details. 

If you want a website that doesn't only 'look good' but has convincing functionality and features, being optimised for different devices and target groups, and meets all technical and legal requirements, we offer the perfect label service for you! After the launch of your website, we support you steadily with the maintenance of your page and optimise your website based on qualitative and quantitative feedback on how visitors interact with your page. 

Take a closer look at one of our most comprehensive websites we built recently we an online shop, free download area, patron area, music discography and tour dates!

Build up an engaged fanbase online!

You’re tired of spending your marketing budget on views and streams without real engagement? You’re ready to build up your audience online with engaged fans who take action?


As a playlist curator we’ve built up our playlist from scratch within only 6 months and reached over 12,000 followers on Spotify and over 2,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook! We found a successful formula to also promote your single, album or playlist with a tailored conversion campaign.  


We’ve raised your interest? Contact us below to schedule a free consultation to assess your needs and to talk about your project!

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Online Marketing & Website Design

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