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Submit Your Song!

When approved, we'll share your song not only on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify (over 12.000 followers), but we'll also include it in one of our YouTube compilations and promote it by mail to all our email subscribers. You can submit via SubmitHub or directly via our submission form below! In any case we need your copyright agreement for the YouTube upload and the promotion of your song.

Song Submission Form



as the master rights holder and/or acting on behalf of the legal entity Covered (Provider), assert exclusive rights over the master sound recording for:

In this capacity, I hereby provide to Renegade Soul (Promoter) a non-exclusive limited and perpetual permission, right, consent, and royalty free license worldwide to host, publicly broadcast, stream, promote, synchronize to a visual work, and dispute any/all conflicting ownership or third party claim of the track and its associated cover artwork ("Permissions") uploaded to Promoter’s YouTube channel, Facebook account and Instagram account ("Channels"). These aforementioned Permissions will only be applicable on the Promoter's listed Channels, as outlined in the prior sentence, and cannot be enforced outside of those Channels.

Is Renegade Soul allowed to monetise the YouTube upload?
The Provider warrants and guarantees, through execution of this permission agreement that, it:
Upload File

Thanks for your submission!

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